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This particular thematic area looks at the lifestyle of the people and how it can be improved, address the issue of unemployment that lurks around most youth and contribute towards unemployment reduction. The urban and rural areas, as in WASH, have different business ventures and this makes us have separate ways in which we can help them.

The way of life of the people in the urban areas caught our eye and this exposed the need to train slum youth with employable skills in entrepreneurship and support them in business training which reduces the rate of unemployment and expose them to the corporate world. At the same time, through this, we preach the need to promote savings and cooperatives which enables them to accumulate enough income to improve their standards of living.

It doesn’t just stop there but we intend to link them to stable markets that enable them flourish. The process starts with a few people but the change that is created attracts more people and this exposes the heartfelt desire to set up a bulking and training centre to start the cycle again.



In comparison to the urban areas, the people in rural areas lead a simpler type of life which makes our main area of focus Agriculture. Our main intention is to introduce youth to primary Agriculture and get the youth involved. In order for us to achieve this, we need to revitalise the inclusion of young people in Agriculture so as to increase household incomes and its advantages to the youth headed households.

This makes us able to actualise and professionalise a working Market Information System, MIS (collecting, updating and disseminating data on price to community members.) Because of this, we are able to create a value chain and can marginalise on value addition highlighting value for money, example is turning the maize into posho refined to a product that is having a more stable price in the market.

Since our main form of approach is through the people, we find it necessary to assess and revitalise the use of saving groups in rural communities which boosts income and the ability to commercialise Agriculture on a large scale.
Some people tend to undermine agriculture but with the right methods and market, one can be prosperous and that is why we intend to inspire young people to engage in and take on Agriculture.

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